To add a new leave type, navigate to Settings > Leave Types. Once you click on the "Add leave type" button, you'll see the following dialog:

  • Name – a name which is being used as an identification for that leave type everywhere within the system (e.g. Sick Leave, Regular Vacation etc)
  • Unlimited Days – if checked, there will be no limit of days a user can request for each year. An example of such leave type would most likely be unpaid leave or sick leave. If the checkbox is checked, filling the next three fields (accrual, yearly allowance and carry over) is not required.
  • Accrual (only if Unlimited Days is left unchecked) – if the days are added every day, week, month or year.
  • Yearly Allowance (only if Unlimited Days is left unchecked) – default number of days every year.
  • Carry over (only if Unlimited Days is left unchecked) – number of unused days that will be carried over to the next year.
  • Auto-approve – if the leave type requires approval or not.
  • Allow debts – allows an employee to make a request even if they've ran out of days.
  • Color – how it's shown in the calendar on the dashboard.
  • Paid Leave – checked box - it's a paid leave, unchecked - it's an unpaid leave.
  • Add new Employees to this leave type automatically – checked box - if new employees are added, they'll have the leave type automatically.
  • Document required? – checked box - user has to upload a document when making a new leave request.

Rules - these are quite simple and don't need extra explanation, but if you have any questions, do let us know in the chat.

Employees - you can add all of the employees to the leave type or select specific ones.

Disabled days - you can enter days when employees are not allowed to take that particular leave type. For example you are having an important meeting and everyone has to be there. :)

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