In many companies employees are entitled to an additional vacation known as long service leave, over and above their annual leave if they keep working for the company for a certain length of time.

Example case: employees who have been working in the company for at least 2 years, are entitled to 5 additional paid vacation days. Employees can take those days only if they have enough balance. This means that the balance for long service leave type cannot go below zero.

Setting up the leave type

To add a new leave type, please navigate to Settings > Leave Types and then click on "Add leave type" button.

Fill in the caps as follows (fig. 1):

  1. Name: Long service leave
  2. Accrual: each year
  3. Yearly allowance: 5 (days)
  4. Paid leave: checked
  5. everything else can be left as is

Once the main information is entered, please select "Rules" tab. Next, select "Add employees to this leave type automatically if length of employment is more than ... years" rule and fill in the year requirement.

That's it! Now you have successfully set up long service leave which Somno adds automatically to employees if at least two years has passed since their employment. Every year when another year passes, user is given 5 more days.

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